How to Complete Your PhD Dissertation in 50 Days Only?

It is down to the very end, you have only fifty days remaining until your PhD dissertation must be completed. Maybe you had a death in the family or a terrible illness that put you on the sidelines. Maybe you had to work an extra job to make ends meet or maybe you had some other situation that pulled you away from this task. No matter what the situation, you have used up all possible extensions, the deadline is only fifty days away and you must complete this entire writing task. Otherwise, the only way-out is to get dissertation help online in order to finish your paper on time.


Develop a plan of attack

It is unlikely that the topic has not been in the back of your mind while you addressed the other issues in your life. Now is the time to corral the thoughts you had milling about and put them into a plan of attack. Formulate areas where you must conduct research and plan out a schedule for your work. This schedule must fit in the allotted fifty days and will give you a clear plan to meet your goals.

Example: If part of your plan is to complete a portion of the custom essay writing task each day then plan to complete between five thousand and six thousand words a day with the supporting research. At that rate, allowing time for editing, at the end you would easily have a 300,000 word document at the end of fifty days well beyond the needs of even this type of writing.

Plan days for composing and researching and you will even be able to maintain a job and semblance of a life while you are working.


Maintain your health

Completing your project in the required fifty days will be impossible if you are not able to stay healthy. If you are constantly plagued by colds and flu then it is time to look at your life habits to determine what you can do to stay healthier. Sometimes it is a simple as airing out your room or going outside, others may need to consider getting a flu shot or avoiding people who are sick. No matter what you need to do, improve your health and you will have more time for your work and spend less time visiting a doctor’s office.



Numerous studies have shown that when we multitask we do not do our best work, yet, it seems that some of our best ideas come when we are doing something unrelated. In order to take advantage of these moments of inspiration consider keeping a notebook and pen handy to take notes of your ideas. You could even use a mobile phone to record your thoughts so that they are not lost.

Example: You have taken some time off to go jogging and while you are running the perfect summary wording just springs into your mind. Pull out your mobile phone and record your thoughts before you lose them then continue on with your exercise.

Another method to utilize multitasking is to combine your research activities and writing. If you are utilizing an important piece of research and incorporating it into your writing then make write that portion of your work then and complete the necessary annotations at the same time. Using the writing while researching method will keep your thoughts and ideas fresh in your mind. It is not the ideal situation, but sometimes circumstances force us to complete a major task in a short amount of time. Consider these tips to complete your PhD dissertation in only fifty days.