How To Complete An APA Dissertation Properly: Basic Citing Rules

Even though you have gathered the best content and written excellently well, your dissertation cannot be said to be complete if your project is not yet cited. This is where you give credit to sources of information for your academic paper. Being an APA paper, there is a certain format for it which makes it different from other types of paper format like Chicago and others. In taking the right step by citing your work, you should ensure that it corresponds fully with the required format – APA format.

Every citation format has its own rules that should be strictly followed in order to avoid having any problems with your tutor. The same thing applies to APA format. Here are the basic citing rules you should adhere to. They are as follows:

  • A Single Author’s Work: When you need to cite a single author’s work, you should type the author’s last name first, followed by the journal’s year of publication.

  • Multiple Author’s Work: In citing a work with two authors, the two names should always be mentioned whenever reference is made to the work. The names are usually connected with an ampersand.

  • A Work With More Than Six Authors: The first time the reference comes up, the names of all the authors are cited. In subsequent references, only the surname of the work’s first author is written, with the Latin words “et al” following to indicate that there are others.

  • Works By Corporations: The method of citation as it has to do with corporate authors stipulates that the name of the corporation is typed as the author. The first time it appears, it is written in full but subsequent times, it is written in abbreviated form.

  • Contributor: In a case where a contributed portion is used from a given work, the contributor type should be indicated in its abbreviated form.

  • Date Rules: The year of a publication should always come after the author’s name. In a situation where there is no author name for the publication, the date should be typed after typing the edition.

  • Page Rules: In citing works used in your project, you should follow proper rules for page indication. A single page should be referred to a “p” while multiple pages should be typed as “pp”.

These are the rules that would help you to type your dissertation’s in-text citations as well as the works cited page. If you need more help or just want an external hand to take care of writing your dissertation, you should check out this service.