A List Of Powerful Dissertation Topics In Geography

Geography is an excellent subject to write about when composing a dissertation, thanks largely to the wide and varied range of different topics that you can choose to discuss. For example, you may wish to choose to base your work on physical geography or, alternatively, you may wish to talk about human geography. Furthermore, these two branches of geography can be further broken down into numerous different sub-branches, thus providing you with dozens of different topics for your essay.

Of course, it may be that you are studying a particular sub-branch of geography and, therefore, these approaches might not necessarily available to you. However, in some ways this can also be looked at as a positive, as it means that you have already narrowed down the particular area of geography that you will be using for your essay. Of course, if you haven’t narrowed down a specific topic is yet then brainstorming techniques can help to do this, as can looking at prewritten papers for inspiration. Alternatively, you may find the following ideas to be quite inspiring as well:

  • Discuss the processes that occur when natural arches and other interesting rock formations were formed?

  • How was the Giant’s Causeway in Northern Ireland formed, and what geographical features of the local area were required in order for these processes to take place?

  • In relation to human geography, what effect do natural resources have on migration patterns around the world?

  • Using historical data, analyze settlement patterns in relation to physical geographical features in the United States of America - such as rivers, lakes, coastlines, mountains and any other features that persuaded or dissuaded people from settling

  • Analyze and discuss the impact of ocean currents on global weather patterns

  • Identify an area of the coastline where erosion is taking place at a significant rate, and analyze the impact that this is having on the local geography of the area

  • To what extent do animals - other than human beings - have on the geography of a local area?

  • What processes are used in order to measure the pollution in a local area, as well as in the atmosphere as a whole?

  • Discuss the damage and possible restoration of the ozone layer over the past 50 years, and to what extent human beings are responsible for any changes that have occurred

  • To what extent can rocks tell us about the history of the earth, and how reliable and accurate are any results that are obtained?