How To Use An Example Of A Dissertation In Global Studies Properly

Learning about the world is the crux of global studies. This means it contains aspects of many different fields and at times may intersect with them quite clearly. If this is your chosen field, you will need to be prepared for the dissertation you will be expected to complete at the end of your course. One of the best ways to do this is to access examples written by others. Read onward to learn how to get the most use out of these.

  • Find the ones best suited to your purposes
  • There are many sample papers in existence and the number keeps rising. When deciding which ones to use, focus on similarity to what you want to produce in terms of quality and subject. Do not clutter your work space with things you would not like to emulate.

  • Skim them with detachment
  • The first time you read any of the sample pieces, you should do so in a relaxed manner. Your aim should be to get the gist of the paper rather than to study it and absorb all it contains. This is just to give you a basic familiarity.

  • Read it purposefully while taking note
  • The second reading should be done with more intent. Take notes, highlight parts of the text that seem relevant and mull over points that you do not understand. You should finish this reading with a complete understanding of the writers’ reasons behind the choices in their studies from the topic to the method of acquiring data.

  • Compare the notes from all your samples
  • Once you have carefully analyzed and made note of all of the samples you can compare them with each other. This will show you trends in academic writing that can be of use to you. It can also show you which writer had the best approach to a certain element of the dissertation that your professor may be supremely critical over usually.

  • Consider ways that you can apply them to your own work
  • Your purpose for engaging in this exercise at all would have been to make your own work better as a result. Think of ways that you can better your own paper by emulating the styles that you have encountered.

None of these methods is difficult to implement and if you are serious about submitting excellent work you will do what needs to be done.