List Of 30 Fresh Management Dissertation Ideas To Choose From

Management is a broad topic and presents numerous dissertation ideas for students. Moreover, it is also evolving which gives a perfect opportunity for fresh ideas. Your choice of dissertation ideas in management should be guided by the following considerations.

  • Relevance- should be within the scope of your discipline and be relevant to the current management environment.
  • Unique- avoid topics and ideas that have been studied for years
  • Specific- the idea should focus on a particular area by setting clear boundaries

Here is a list of ideas to consider for your management dissertation:-

  1. Does the war between brands damage or enhance their reputation?
  2. Should employers test potential recruits for drug use?
  3. Is a win-win situation possible in business?
  4. Should small businesses contribute towards charity and how?
  5. Is feminism necessary in any management environment?
  6. Should pay be based solely on performance?
  7. How far should companies go towards controlling social media use by their employees?
  8. Is e-commerce strengthening or weakening trading confidence?
  9. Should credit card companies be forced to include warning labels to avoid unnecessary debts?
  10. What management lessons can US get from China?
  11. Is outsourcing for cheap labor ethical?
  12. Should companies be bailed out by governments yet they are responsible for financial crisis?
  13. What are the exact short and long term costs of outsourcing IT departments?
  14. Should English maintain monopoly as the international official business language?
  15. Are websites necessary for all businesses?
  16. Is advertisement of medical services ethical?
  17. Is viral marketing taking over from traditional methods?
  18. Are profits by tobacco industry players responsible for cancer deaths?
  19. Is the fire arm industry thriving at the expense of lost lives?
  20. Are success stories by successful entrepreneurs who dropped out of school worth sharing?
  21. Are activist groups influencing industry policies?
  22. Is extra-time pay justifiable in a genuine environment?
  23. What is the future of labor relations considering financial openness by companies?
  24. Is sustainable development a myth?
  25. Should clean production be forced down the thoughts of companies?
  26. How can overexposure through technology be resolved?
  27. Is there a universal work culture considering the diversity around the world?
  28. Which is the best conflict management strategy for family owned businesses?
  29. How far do employee wellness programs promote productivity?
  30. How far should governments interfere with the running of private companies?