How To Organize A Clinical Psychology Dissertation In 4 Steps

A clinical psychology dissertation is a big project that needs accuracy and attention to the organization. Writing the project, you need to remember that your work may be turned down by the committee only because it doesn’t meet a range of requirements to the organization of such papers.

One of the main problems that authors meet at the very start of working over the project is the so-called “empty sheet stress”. No matter what you are facing, a sheet of paper or an empty text editor screen, it’s a stressful situation. There are two main reactions to it: stupor, inability to start, and the sense of growing chaos due to plenty of incomplete, tangled thoughts. All this can cause serious frustration and many failures in the process of working. To avoid them, keep in mind the following organizational tips:

  1. Separate formal pages from the body of your work.
  2. The word “body” here means the parts of your dissertation that you compose on your own, without any ready samples. That is, pages like a bibliography, title page, acknowledgments, and many others within your project need to be written in accordance to a certain form while the rest is simply formatted in the way that meets a certain academic writing style demands. You can either start with the preparation of the formal pages or, as specialists recommend, leave them for the very end of the working process.

  3. Choose the suitable method of researching.
  4. A synthetic method means that you put together separate parts in accordance to certain things that they have in common. An analytic method means that you compose the structure of your paper by splitting big parts of your work into smaller chapters. Keep in mind the audience and the importance of rendering them important information in a suitable form.

  5. Never have more than one draft.
  6. Many drafts cause confusion. Besides that, people are often too critical towards their own achievements. Having more than one draft, you may start correcting even the things that require no corrections at all.

  7. Study the demands.
  8. Writing your clinical psychology dissertation, you need to make sure that you know all the demands to its organization and structure. As a rule, the way pages and chapters are located is the same for all projects of this type and size, yet, you need to know everything for certain in order to avoid making global corrections when everything is already printed out and submitted.