Writing A Dissertation In Math – 5 Key Things To Consider

A dissertation is an intensive academic paper. It requires meticulous planning and a lot of work to complete. It is thoroughly scrutinized and therefore has to meet the highest standards possible. Experts have been studying the writing process with the aim of making it easier for students to complete their papers. Here are issues they think should be considered to make the paper easier to complete.

  1. Your Topic
  2. The topic sets the tone for your paper. It will guide every action and activity you undertake in the process of completing the paper. Your topic should be chosen out of passion. This helps you to avoid the fatigue and stress of working in an area you are not interested in. The topic should be relevant to mathematic and aim at solving an existing social problem. Make it captivating to read and ensure that it arouses curiosity in the minds of a reader.

  3. The Structure
  4. There is a set structure for a dissertation in mathematics. Other details about the structure are released by your department and institution. The structure involves the component and appearance of your introduction, body and conclusion. It also involves the formatting style to be used. To get the structure right, request your supervisor or committee to provide a template or a sample. This team will also assist you to understand unique requirements that might not be captured in the template and sample.

  5. Your Plan and Timeline
  6. It is taxing to complete the paper and requires a person who can meet smaller deadlines. All your time and resources will be spent working on it. As such, you have to begin the work early, identify necessary resources and draw a timetable on how you intend to complete the work. You may need to work with a coach who monitors your work and timelines to ensure that you are doing the right thing.

  7. Resources
  8. Dissertation writing is intensive in terms of time and resources. It takes all your attention until you complete it. Set aside necessary resources for field work, purchase of research materials and to facilitate trips, printouts and presentation. The time spent working on the paper also means that you will not be earning your regular income. Plan for it.

  9. Committee
  10. At your disposal is a committee that guides your work. It is composed of your supervisor and other members from your department. Their experience and expertise will help you complete the dissertation on mathematics easily.