4 Helpful Hints On How To Organize Dissertation Acknowledgements

Dissertation writing process is very intense. It is impossible to complete it without the support of so many other people. The support comes in the form of guidance, finances, encouragement, academic direction, resources, etc. This explains why the acknowledgement section exists in every paper. However, going by the size of space available and the intentions of having this section, you cannot acknowledge everyone. To maintain an academic look to the section, here are hints on how you can organize this section.

  1. Use The First Person ā€˜Iā€™
  2. The section is testimony of the assistance you have gotten in the process of writing the paper. It therefore takes the first person approach since you are giving a personal narration. This is different from the rest of the project where this approach is avoided. This section appears as a prelude before you get to the table of contents.

  3. Concentrate On The Essential
  4. Tens or hundreds of people will help you in one way or the other in the course of completing your paper. They include your supervisors, committee, members of your department, classmates, siblings, friends, workers within the school, etc. Assistance also comes in numerous forms including finances, moral support, materials, directions, samples, templates, etc. Other people are obliged to do the work yet go an extra mile to ensure that you have a stress-free dissertation writing experience. These are the people to mention. The mention does not have to follow a chronological order and neither is it guided by order of importance. Identify the people who have provided essential support whose help cannot be repaid.

  5. Make It Short
  6. While you got support and help from numerous sources, it is impossible to list all the people in the few paragraphs provided. To achieve the purpose of this section, it is recommended that you select the people to list. Concentrate on people whose assistance is of direct relevance to the completion of your paper.

  7. Avoid Details
  8. Every person or institution mentioned has made a significant contribution toward completion of the dissertation. However, your readers are not interested in the details of the assistance provided. Do not include the amount of money provided, dates of assistance, form of assistance, etc. General mentions like professional guidance, moral support, financial contributions, etc are sufficient.

The organization of the acknowledgement section of your dissertation should seek to cover the essential support given towards completion of the paper. Since everyone will not be covered, give a general statement for all the unmentioned persons. Make the acknowledgement personal yet as inclusive as possible.