How To Write My Dissertation In A Proper Way: Ten Great Directions

A dissertation is not like any other academic paper. The duration it takes to complete and the weight it carries in your academic journey call for greater attention to certain important factors. To save time and resources you should get it right the first time. How?

  1. Get All The Instructions Clearly
  2. The instructions are issued by your supervisor, the department and the institution. They regard the length of your paper, the formatting style, language, presentation of ideas, etc. Getting the instructions right will protect you from unnecessary repetition which leads to waste of time and resources.

  3. Start Early
  4. Starting early gives you ample time to research and compile your work. You also have time to consult in case you get stranded. A last minute rush means that you will not pay attention to details which compromises its quality.

  5. Read Widely
  6. A dissertation requires thorough understanding of the subject in order to make convincing arguments. Read widely to find academic grounding and avoid shallow arguments. It helps you to present new ideas to the academic world.

  7. Look For A Sample
  8. Samples give you an idea of what is expected once your work is complete. It is easier to structure and format your work when following a sample. A quality sample will add value to your dissertation.

  9. Use A Template
  10. Getting started is sometimes difficult because you have not idea where to start. A template provides you with blank pages that act as a frame. All you will do is to add flesh. This is a quicker and easier way to write.

  11. Forget The Introduction
  12. Though the introduction comes at the beginning, it does not have to be written first. Get to the content straight away. It will help you understand the concept better and therefore draft a strong introduction later.

  13. Consult Regularly
  14. Do not proceed if you are unsure of what to do. Consult your supervisor at the earliest opportunity. He is willing to assist more than you can imagine instead of having to repeat the work.

  15. Take A Break
  16. It will take months to complete the simplest dissertation. Take regular breaks to refresh your mind. A weekend away rejuvenates your mind and gives you fresh ideas to improve your work.

  17. Be Unique
  18. While making references from books, journals and other sources, personalize the information. Use other peoples ideas to strengthen yours. Make references every time you make a quotation. Plagiarism is abhorred in academics.

  19. Edit And Proof Read
  20. The most beautiful ideas will be diluted by poor grammar or typographical mistakes. Take time to polish the dissertation to ensure a smooth flow of ideas and pristine language.