Where Can I Buy A Dissertation: 7 Reliable Options

It may be rather tough to write your dissertation, and, due to many reasons, you may decide to hire someone to do the job for you. Such a decision is rather venturesome, because there are high chances to be scammed and to get a paper of poor quality. Moreover, your professor may notice that the style of this project in particular somewhat differs from your previous academic works. There are also risks that you will be caught, or that some traces of plagiarism will be detected in your writing. If you are not frightened by these dangers, the following options on where to buy your doctoral project may come in handy. Some of them are more reliable, some others are less reliable, but all of them are worth to be considered.

  1. Custom dissertation writing services.
  2. Look through a couple of these services on the Web and find out what average prices on the market are and what guarantees are provided. Check the writer’s credentials and look through the samples of previous works.

  3. Freelancers.
  4. Register on any website for freelancers and post your suggestion as a job opportunity. Lots of decent writers will knock on your door. Be scrupulous and ask to give you examples of previous papers. Remember that your writer should be experienced in writing dissertations.

  5. Graduate students.
  6. Graduates of your university have recently done the very same work. Ask if any of them could help you in this question. The chances are high that someone will agree to write a dissertation for you.

  7. Students’ forums.
  8. Create a forum thread and explain your situation. Someone out of the forum participants will definitely agree to do the job. Why not to earn extra money this way? Remember though to check a candidate’s experience in writing dissertations.

  9. Homework ads.
  10. These advertisements can always be found near colleges and universities. As a rule, different types of the homework assistance are offered. Check if it is possible to buy a doctoral paper there, and how much it will cost.

  11. Tutoring services.
  12. Turn to an online tutor offering assistance in academic writing. Writing custom dissertations is not exactly a part of their duties, but, if confidentiality is guaranteed, he or she may agree to help.

  13. Relatives and friends.
  14. It may happen that someone among your friends or relatives has already defended doctoral project. Ask this person to assist in your secret venture. It won’t cost much to buy a dissertation from someone who is close to you.