What Makes A Good Doctoral Dissertation Topic: Tips For University Students

When you are in university you are submit dissertations for each subject. The main challenge is finding a good topic to work on. But without the right topic you will never be able to impress the teacher or get better grades. The right topic should be interesting and original at the same time. You must pick a topic that is sure to pique the reader’s interest. Here are few tips that will help you pick a topic for your work.

Importance of the topic

Every semester all the students will submit a dissertation and the teachers are supposed to go through all of them. In such conditions writing on a droll topic or something everyone is working on will only earn you an average grade. To make your paper stand out from the rest you will have to work on something that piques the professor’s interests. The topic should be like hooks that will make the teacher take a second opinion and then read it thoroughly. After the topic has attracted the teacher or reader’s attention, it is the job of the contents to make them read till the end. But it is the topic that will make the initial impression and attract the reader’s attention.

Things to keep in mind when selecting the topic:

  • The topic should be original. You are supposed to be making a valuable contribution to the subject and in such a situation it is imperative you find something new to work on.

  • There are many topics that have already been covered by senior students but there is not a full proof way to finds that out. In such cases use your instinct.

  • If a topic feels too good to have been overlooked, then it probably is. Do not go for generic topics that have probably been used a hundred times before you.

  • Try to avoid picking topics from popular websites. When you search for topics make sure you check out even the search results that come up on the last pages of your browser.

  • There are various websites that update their lists on a regular basis you can always pick a topic from one such websites. But when you come across an interesting topic on the web, you do not have to work on exactly that subject. You can always modify the topic and explore in a different angel to make it original and different.