Composing An Original Art Dissertation Title

The ability to choose strong titles for your academic papers is rare and most of the students feel stuck when they have to take an initiative. They find it easier to write on the given topics by their teachers and do not have the creativity to choose a potential niche on their own. If you are to create a strong dissertation title in arts, then you must have an interest in the subject. It is important because you will only be able to stay devoted and complete an effective paper without being bored. If you choose a less interesting area to talk about then you will find it monotonous and the research would be hard for you.

To be able to compose an original title for you dissertation in arts, you have to make sure that you follow a gradual process and select the best for your paper. Here is how you should move forward with selecting a strong and original title for your paper


Start by understanding the background of the subject and performing a literature review. You will gather enough understanding about the subject by having these details. You should also carry out research to see what other authors say about the subject and how their researches address this niche. This will help you realize the strengths and weaknesses of the subject and you can then use them to write your paper and choose a topic


Write down your focus or main thesis at the center of the page and start the brainstorming process. This way it will be easy for you to stay directed and find relevant ideas for your topic. When you brainstorm, do not stop yourself in the middle of the process, and give any second thoughts. One idea will trigger another and soon you will have a list of ideas for your title


Ask questions and creating sub questions will help you come to an original point in your paper. You can choose the right direction for your topic if you filter out the questions and sub questions for your paper. You should start with the general questions and ask yourself different questions to see which area interests you the most


Divide your subject into major categories and create a flow chart to follow for the topic


Eliminate repetitive and irrelevant ideas to choose an original art dissertation title