A Comprehensive Guide To Writing An Economics Dissertation

There are two basic views of outsiders on the subject of Economics. One, which takes it to be a mere technical subject with lots of Mathematical equations and diagrams. And two, which looks upon it as an Imperialist as it invades and places its own rules over topics which had no relation with the subject a few years ago. Whatever be the perspective, just like any other subject, students need to submit a dissertation which usually covers about 20% of their grade. They need to write a paper which would typically contain words between 8000 and 15000.

A detailed guide on writing an economics dissertation

Just like any other subject, students are almost utterly lost as to how to start their work. Listed below are some basic pointers which will assist such students in making a productive start and maintain a constant supply of effort into their work.

  • Topic: The first and most important thing you need to get done is the topic and the title of your project. There are some Universities which have a pre-selected list of topics and their corresponding supervising professors from which students would be able to make a choice. However, many Universities prefer to allow students to go beyond their curriculum and write on a topic of their own choice. Do be careful because many Universities require your project title to be handed in long before you actually need to hand your complete work in to make sure that you are not investing your time and effort in an unwanted topic.

  • Type of topic: The two basic types of topics that students usually choose are Empirical and Theoretical. With the former, you need to sort out your source of data, your method of statistical analysis and your intention or capability in defining the causation and or the correlation. The latter type actually contains more mathematics than some hope for. They have to be backed by hard hitting evidence and research.

  • Time management: You will not be given time slots to get your work done. Just like in any relationship, you need to make time to work on your Economics paper. The time you spend on it should ordinarily be proportionate to the amount of marks it holds. Usually, it rounds up to about 7 to 9 weeks.

  • Proofread: Use proper English and make sure there are no typos or silly spelling mistakes.