Creating A Strong Undergraduate Dissertation: 20 Questions To Discuss


A dissertation is an academic study of a specific topic. The candidate will have to conduct a research on the topic and bring his own document about his conclusions in dissertations. Dissertations are similar to the thesis. The only difference between these two is that, the thesis is lengthier. But both are academic writings which may directly affect the academic career of the candidate.


Dissertations aim for students bringing fresh conclusions and proofs about the topic given to them. The tutor doesn’t expect you to bring the same conclusion done by some other student. The writer should have his own point of view about the topic. Undergraduate students must consider this academic writing as a basement for their postgraduate and doctorate level theses.

20 questions to discuss while creating an undergraduate dissertation

  1. Is it necessary to take a topic from your area of study?
  2. Can a student write a dissertation in a topic he is weak?
  3. Is it necessary to discuss the title with the tutor before the commencement of research?
  4. Do you think that checking old works on your topic will do any good to your writing?
  5. Is literature reviewing an important part before writing??
  6. Where will you find old research papers?
  7. Is it right to follow the same strategies followed by your seniors?
  8. What is the role of planning in your research?
  9. How much can writing notes, ideas and concepts during research helps?
  10. How will your research go, if you don’t have proper plan?
  11. What is the relevance of deadline and time management?
  12. Is data collection an irreplaceable part of your research?
  13. What are the major ways to collect the sufficient data?
  14. Can surveys help in your research?
  15. What are the websites which can be helpful in your research?
  16. Is formulating a theory an important task in your writing?
  17. What are the ways to analyze and interpret the data?
  18. What if the writer fails to follow the guidelines given by the university?
  19. What is the importance of language and its usage in your writing?
  20. Is it important to stay in touch with the tutor during research and writing?

These are some of the major questions which will help you to have a good research and documentation on your topic. You can come up with a good writing, if you work on these questions.