Human Rights Dissertation Ideas: 10 Areas You Can Investigate

Your final year project or your dissertation requires excellent time management and organizational skills so you can fully accomplish a high quality paper. These days, because of the competing demands on time, a great number of students prefer not to create a timetable and adhere to a work schedule. And, as a consequence, the quality of work is compromised and the writer gets more stressed over time.

At first, it is essential to decide on a subject that you prefer to discuss. Take note that this is your one great opportunity to research and delve into a great and interesting topic with the use of a previous analysis. In choosing a topic, pick the one that interests you the most and something that aids you develop your interest even more.

When writing, it is helpful to keep a research notebook where you can easily and completely record the ideas that first comes to your mind, some points from other sources or literature that you’re consulting, your personal impressions as well as observations, some new concepts or ideas you wish to develop and of course the issues which you come across.

In writing, it is of great to do lots of reading. Be organized and keep notes. You can use the internet and library resources to unveil the primary as well as secondary material in order to point out what scholarly and critical material is ready for use to inform the analysis.

More than that, take into account some of the methods which you would prefer to use and the theories that you would wish to explore. Alternatively, project management organizational tools may also greatly assist you in the writing process. Lastly, use checklists of the tasks that need to be accomplished and make sure to adapt them to exactly fit your needs.

Here are ten topic ideas which can you can investigate for your dissertation:

  1. Traditions and the human rights.
  2. Protection of children’s rights in peacekeeping missions
  3. The need for enhanced protection from child abuse
  4. Protection of the rights of persons living with cognitive disabilities
  5. A critical analysis of the death row phenomenon
  6. The Impact of terrorism and counter-terrorism on the right to education
  7. The place of women in the political sphere
  8. The freedom of the right to religion of minorities
  9. The changing world and human rights
  10. The impact of culture on the right of women to participate in public affairs