List Of Interesting Dissertation Topics Related To Medical Surgical Nursing

Medical-surgical nursing is probably the root of all medicine related subjects. It is the oldest branch of nursing and many students take up this subject in search for a better career. If you like taking care of the sick or weak and wish to make a career out of it then this is the profession you should go for. To get a degree in this field you will have to submit a dissertation to your university.

Selecting the best topic for dissertation

Writing a dissertation on something like medical surgical nursing is not an easy job. The first thing you will have to do is pick a topic. The topic has to be strong and impressive if you wish to get good grades. It is easy for students to get intimated by the prospect of choosing a topic for a project which will determine their career and future and also the marks.

But it is not as difficult as you think it is. You will have to write on something that is unique or take a researched topic and provide fresh insights. No matter what kind of topic you choose you will have to provide a few case studies and it is always better if you do this by yourself instead of citing a source.

Here is a list of topics to help you choose:

  • -The various reasons of heart failure.
  • - What can result in coma? A detailed analysis of various cases and how the paitent responded to the various treatments.
  • - How does the right exercise and proper diet help in keeping cardiovascular diseases at bay.
  • - How has the consumption of untreated water caused diseases in poor countries? How can these patients be treated?
  • - What lifestyle intervention does a person suffering from diabetes need?
  • - Analysis on the various causes and effects of seizures in adult humans. The various treatments available to such patients.
  • - A study on the symptoms of renal failure.
  • - A detailed work on the biopsy reports of liver samples taken from alcoholic victims.
  • - A study on the various cases of snake bites and then devising a quick and effective treatment.
  • - Study on Epilepsy with reference to the CT scan of the various patients suffering from this condition.
  • - Do diabetic patients have more chances of tuberculosis? A paper with detailed examples.
  • - Lupus Nephritis: what causes it and how it can be cured?