A List Of 15 Public Relations Dissertation Ideas Worth Discussing

Public relations are very important for a society that is developing continuously. If you work in this area, you have to know how to deal with people, how to make them create relations and how to make companies success. Of course, for your dissertation you will need a very interesting topic, so see if any of these ideas are good for you:

  1. Multi cultural societies. There are many studies that show that multicultural societies are usually more successful. This is because that people from all over the world work for the same goal and they have different knowledge and different backgrounds. What do you think about this?
  2. Globalization. Do you think that this phenomenon will help the people, or it will just make them forget their national values and their language?
  3. International languages. How important it is nowadays to know another language besides your own? Can this help you get a better education or a better job?
  4. The influence of the media. You can explain in your composition how can media influence the public relations. With one single documentary, people can change their opinion about something without knowing too much about it.
  5. The public opinion. What tools can one use when they want to change the public opinion regarding a certain issue?
  6. Religion. Do you think that people judge others based on their religion? In what way can this influence the popularity of a company for example?
  7. Advertisements and campaigns. Very often we find ourselves convinced to buy a product that we don’t even need, only because we like the person who is promoting it.
  8. Politics and public relations. How many times specialists used tricks to change the general opinion about a certain politician? For example, they asked him to take pictures with children!
  9. The relation between the social status and the success in life.
  10. Communicating with the public; should the companies focus more on this aspect?
  11. Public relations in the time of crisis. How can this help the population when a tragedy happens?
  12. Technology is an effective tool for sending information?
  13. Diplomacy; how important it is to know what to say and when to say it? Do you think that politicians build their career on this?
  14. Television and internet; why they control our life?
  15. Describe a situation where you use public relations to solve a problem.