How To Choose A Dissertation Topic On The Battle Of The Atlantic

History is an interesting subject, so there are many great topics to choose from if you are working on your dissertation. In case your supervisor asked you to consider a topic related to the Battle of the Atlantic, you still have plenty of options to choose from. In order to save time and select the right topic for your assignment, use the simple suggestions provided below:

  • Find sample dissertations on the related themes.
  • It is recommended to check out sample assignments provided on the websites of the top-rated universities. Look for the full-text documents and read the discussion sections carefully. There, you can find suggestions on further research, along with controversial points and interesting research questions.

  • Consider something that you feel passionate about.
  • The choice of ideas is vast. The Battle of the Atlantic was the struggle for control of the Atlantic Ocean. Both the Allied and Germany tried hard in order to win. You can study different aspects of the event, including the development of the U-boats torpedoing ships, the sacrifices of the Royal Canadian Navy, the role of women in the Battle, etc.

  • Study the literature.
  • There are many books and articles about the World War II and its famous battles. If you cannot select the idea for your dissertation, you should do a brief literature study to get inspired. It is also a good idea to watch a historical movie or read an article in the newspaper devoted to the challenges and successes of the Allied in that period.

  • Join a history study group.
  • In your school, you might find a history study group where students study together. You should join their meeting and ask for some help. On the Web, you can also join such a study group which uses chats and forums to share ideas and useful resources. Feel free to use the ideas provided by others and ask questions if you need further explanation.

  • Consult your supervisor.
  • Although you can ask other students to help you, it makes sense to consult your professor since he or she knows what a great topic should look like. You can also visit an academic writing center to ask the center’s instructor for help. It is a good idea to get a dissertation writing manual with tips and examples.

The information above is helpful if you want to save time and choose a strong theme for your assignment. However, keep in mind that your supervisor should approve it before you start writing your paper.