What To Know About The MBA Dissertation Format

An MBA degree opens a vast field of opportunities for a student. Many respected companies offer jobs mainly to the people who have this degree. Writing an MBA dissertation is required to obtain the degree. MBA research work is one of the most difficult, as it has many requirements. An MBA thesis is the combination of all your previously acquired skills used for writing a huge project. 

Read the text below to get additional information on the MBA dissertation format.  

  • You may require the certificate from the company.
  • An MBA project usually involves working for a company. That is why the company’s certificate is necessary for a researcher. It will serve as proof that the research was really conducted on the basis of the company and that all numbers and data are real.  

  • You will need the originality certificate.
  • This is proof of the authenticity of the research and an official document that is added to the text of the thesis together with the list of cited literature. It helps pass the plagiarism check.  

  • The MBA format requires tables and charts.
  • This requirement is a must-have. You are supposed to collect the data and organize it in tables and charts. It is necessary for the future data analysis that leads towards the conclusion. Be very careful during your work with numbers! Even one mistake can influence the whole process of calculation.  

  • You must give the organization’s profile.
  • There is a special form that is added to the thesis. It is the profile of the company with which you have worked. Mind that not all MBA dissertations include the work with an organization; sometimes these fragments will not be necessary.  

  • The thesis requires a synopsis.
  • A synopsis is a brief description of your work where you give basic information about your work. It should be no longer than three hundred words, and it must contain all the information that is important for the first review.  

  • The format includes data analysis and interpretation.
  • When descriptive chapters are over, you have to analyze the data that you have gathered. It includes various calculations. Moreover, you have to interpret the data so that it will be clear to the commission.  

  • After you make a conclusion, you should give your ideas or suggestions.
  • This is the culmination of your whole work. Here you will show your research skills and prove your ideas. You will have to offer your own proposals concerning the researched topic.