Who Can Help Me Write My Dissertation With Flying Colors?

One of the questions we see a lot around here comes from students asking “Is there trusted place I can turn to for hiring somebody to write my dissertation?” The simple answer is “Yes, there is.” And it just takes a little background research on your part to ensure the person or company you hire is qualified to do your assignment accurately and on time. Here’s what you need to know about finding the right service provider:

  • A proven track record of great service.
  • Most students agree they would rather find a dissertation writing agency that has spent several years in the profession. You can check online customer reviews or find out a company’s history on discussion forums. It’s best if you engage in a conversation and try to get as much information about each company from former clients.

  • Several samples demonstrating expertise.
  • Before ordering a custom dissertation from a service provider ask to review similar samples. You want to steer clear of a company that can’t provide you with samples from within your discipline. This usually means that a company doesn’t have experts in that area and will assign a writer that may have no experience and will be making a lot of guesses about what should or shouldn’t be included in the work.

  • Certification from academic or business bureaus.
  • As you shorten your list you can start visiting companies’ homepages. You want to look for certifications or badges that signal recognition from academic and business bureaus. Take the extra step and confirm a company’s certifications by contacting the issuing agencies. Fraudulent companies can easily make claims about certification without actually having earned it.

  • Responsive to your direct inquiries.
  • Any good service provider that is competing for your business should be highly responsive and direct with any inquiries you make. Preferably you should speak with customer service by phone, but even a discussion on chat or through email can tell you a lot about how important a company considers each potential customer. Look for other clues that might reveal the quality of a service, such as ability to speak or write perfect English or the quickness to provide answers.

  • Clear policies and guarantees.
  • Lastly, be sure you choose a company that has clear policies and guarantees for the products it sells. If you are promised an A-level dissertation then any grade below that should warrant a refund. Be sure to review these policies and guarantees on your own in addition to finding out directly from customer support before placing your order.